Sunday, August 23, 2009

Billy Bray - Praise the LORD

One man of God from the nineteenth century stands
out as a trophy of God's grace. The Savior found
Billy Bray. Because God's love poured over Billy's
soul, he said, "I can't help praising the Lord."

Billy was a drunkard. He used to drink all night.
He dreaded going to bed because he feared that he
would wake up in hell. A friend once said of him,
"He was the wildest, most daring and reckless of
all the reckless, daring men." After Jesus saved
Billy from such a life, Billy had two constant
companions: a Bible and a hymnbook. He fell in love
with the Savior. He could not help but worship Him.

Billy said concerning his salvation, "In an instant,
the Lord made me so happy that I cannot express what
I felt... I praised God with my whole heart for what
He had done for a poor sinner like me.

Once Billy told a group of Christians, "I can't help
praising the Lord! As I go along the street, I lift
up one foot, and it seems to say 'Glory!' and I lift
up the other and it seems to say 'Amen'; and to they
keep on like that all the time I am walking." To another
group, he read the first line of a hymn by Charles Wesley,
"O, for a thousand tongues to sing-" and then he would
say, "Just think, that's 999 tongues more than I have got!"

Billy Bray was one simple man who heeded the call of
God upon his life. By the grace of God, he was changed
from a rebel to a worshiper. The call of God has not
changed, because the One worthy of our worship has not
changed. If we are ever to discover the joy of worship
that Billy Bray experienced, we must bow before Jesus,
the Lamb of God. He will cleanse our sins and usher
us into the presence of God. We will then humbly worship
Him with our whole hearts saying, "Thou art worthy!"

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