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This questionnaire was first taken and published over 50 years ago. For interest I am reposting it for information. For those who will be so kind as to fill out the questionnaire and email before February 1st. to in mid to late February I will post both the results of 1956 and our 2008. Thanks for your consideration.

Bro. Jeff Hallmark


If there are questions you cannot answer, just leave blank. If you cannot answer question # 1, we need to talk.

Questionnaire on Regeneration

1. Do you believe that you have experienced a second birth?

2. Can you name the place and approximate date when it took place?

How old were you?

3. What special circumstances led up to it?

4. Did the Bible or some part of the Bible have some influence in bringing about your new birth?

5. Did any human person or persons have any part in leading you up to the point at which you experienced a new birth?

6. Have you any reason to believe that something took place that was more then a change due to personal development, environment or the influence of friends?

7. Did your new birth bring with it any change of habits?

8. Did this new birth introduce into your life any new attitudes or activities?

9. What would you consider to be the most important change that resulted form the new birth?

10. Do you feel that this new birth could be explained as the natural outcome of the influence of a religious home?

11. Was there any sense of responsibility to Jesus Christ or dependence upon Him connected with your new birth?

12. Was the death of Christ on the Cross in any way connected with your experience of the new birth?

13. Was your experience of regeneration associated with strong emotion?

Before? During? After?

14. Would you say that your experience of regeneration was mainly the effect of strong emotion?

15. Did the experience of regeneration necessitate a change of mind toward some things?

16. Was there any sense of mental conflict in connection with your new birth?

17. Was there any assimilation of truths not previously known or understood in connection with your new birth?

18. Was there any definite, deliberate decision made I connection with your new birth?

19. Was there any change in your psychological approach to problems and temptations after your new birth?

20. Indicate anything else connected with your second birth that would be of value in a clinical study of regeneration.

Please complete and email to Jeff Hallmark

By February 1st.

Thanks again.

Please feel free to comment on this questionnaire.

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