Saturday, January 5, 2008


I HELPED MY CHURCH! I was there. I knew my friend the minister would be there - so I was there! My presence helped. I was one more. That cheered the minister mightily. I need him and he needs me, too. When I joined the church, I promised to be there; I didn't join the church to stay away from it. So I helped my church. I was there!

I HELPED MY CHURCH! I paid my way. I did not let others pay my way any more than I permit them to buy my hat or feed my children. I pay my bills - my taxes - my upkeep. But I pay my way at my church, too. A manly, ample, competent sum must be my investment in my church. I should not wish to know that I had not paid my way.

I HELPED MY CHURCH! I prayed for my church. I never have wanted much for myself - except strength - but I want every blessing and grace and health and power for my church. "For her my prayers ascend." I pray for her as naturally, as normally as I do for my dearest ones. She is one of my dearest ones. To forget her would be to forget everything lovely. I helped my church by praying for her. To these three ways in which every real Christian will help this church, I would add a fourth:

I HELPED MY CHURCH! I was the hand and the voice of my church in the homes of those who had forgotten or neglected the most important thing on earth. I went to them, not with a brilliant sermon or convincing argument, but with love and compassion. I witnessed for my Lord. I went as a friend to friends and found the door already opened for me in the longing and loneliness of the people who had been left out until I came. I helped not only a home that needed God and the Church, but I helped myself. I wouldn't take anything for the joy I have found. - Copied

Pastor Mike Walls

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