Wednesday, January 30, 2008

So Great Salvation

1. Justification: a change of standing - before God.

2. Regeneration: a change of nature - from God.

3. Repentance: a change of mind - about God.

4. Conversion: a change of life - for God.

5. Adoption: a change of family - in God.

6. Sanctification: a change of service - to God.

7. Glorification: a change of place - with God.

- - D. L. Moody


Pastor Coon said...

I think I agree with all of these definitions but is REPENTANCE a change of mind about God or a change of mind about SIN? True repentance is where we go from seeing it as man sees sin to finally seeing sin as God sees it. To often repentance is a sugarcoated 'change of mind' but it is a change of mind that accompanies a change of action.

Anonymous said...

It's a good post, but I have to agree with Pastor Coon's comments on repentance. I don't really know what Moody was talking about when he wrote that repentance was a change of mind about God. What would that "change of mind" involve? Anyway...

It is not repentance unless that change of mind ABOUT SIN changes the direction of the soul. A person can have a change of mind about a sin, he can come to the conclusion that the transgression is wrong, but he can still act upon it. This is not repentance. Remorse over our sin must return us to God as we forsake that sin.

Brother, I'm not saying you don't believe this, but many are passionate about the doctrine of repentance, and especially when it pertains to coming to Christ for His salvation...and rightfully so should we be passionate about it! Just like Pastor Coon said, "Too often repentance has been sugarcoated" and watered-down so that it would fit into someone's methods of soul-winning.

Anyway...that's my 2 cents...

Lord bless!