Monday, June 22, 2009


I’ve taught a class for many years:
Borne many burdens- toiled through tears;
But folks don’t notice me a bit:
I’m discouraged - I’ll just quit.

Sometime ago, I joined the choir;
That many souls I might inspire;
But folks don’t seem to move a bit,
And I won’t stand it - I’ll just quit.

I’ve led young people day and night,
And sacrificed to lead them right,
But folks won’t help me out a bit,
And I’m so tired - I think I’ll quit.

Christ’s cause is hindered everywhere,
And folks are dying in despair,
The reason why? Just think a bit;
The Church is full of FOLKS WHO QUIT!!

Western Messenger Sept. 1986
Editor by the late - Dennis J. Brown DD

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