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Vancouver Province, Saturday, June 27, 1953


Comparisons Made

Between Two Books

Final article by Rev. Mark Buch of the People’s Fellowship Tabernacle on his opinion as to the true Bible appears on this page today. Here he states various differences between the old Bible and the Revised Standard Version and why he prefers the old one.

By Mark Buch

Lovers of the Old Bible are accused that they base their resentment of the new Bible on emotionalism and prejudice of the National Council of Churches. Thus speak the sponsors of the Revised Standard Version to justify the terrific wave of resentment and offence which their Bible has caused among Evangelicals in general and Fundamentalists in particular.

As you have followed this series on the truth of verbal inspiration, it is no doubt clear to you that this is far from being true. The deep love and reverence for the old Bible is based on the foundation of its great God-inspired historical manuscripts, combined with the masterful scholarship and devotion of the men who translated it. This is nowhere more obvious than in the comparison of the two Bibles.

For example, one finds whole passages which have held an esteemed place in the old Bible for hundreds of years, but now, alas, they are discredited or dropped out altogether in the new Bible, which, so its sponsors claim, “is now in a real sense the authorized translation for our Protestant churches.”

Passage Dropped

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Vancouver Province, Saturday, June 27, 1953

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