Friday, June 5, 2009

Crazy - Crazy

This was forward to me from a friend.

This is WILD, I mean it.

Okay, here’s a quick and ugly run-down of this video:

Story 1: Apparently, an evangelist in Sri Lanka is beheaded, and a Muslim comes by and sits his head by his body. His head reattaches to his body and he comes back to life. To repay him for his kindness, he led him to Christ, then proceeded to lead him into town where the guys who killed him saw him, they too were saved, and a massive revival broke out.

Story 2: A guy is murdered, and his body is dismembered… cut into five pieces… and sent a limb to five different villages and put them on display as a warning to Christians not to come in there. After a few weeks, they buried they guy. The church begins praying, and his limbs reattach and he comes back to life. I have one question… who dug him up, and how did they know he was alive? Did they hear him screaming from the grave?

The deeper you get in the charismatic doctrine, the bigger and bigger your stories have to become to be important. Notice the cheering in the video… if only they would cheer like that because Jesus is alive and on the right hand of the Father.

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Johnny said...

What's sad brother is those people believe it!