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Vancouver Province, Saturday, June 6, 1953


Tabernacle Pastor

Discusses Theories

Rev. Mark Buch, pastor of the People’s Fellowship Tabernacle, Vancouver, has forwarded a series of three articles on his pinions as to the true Bible and its origin. The Province prints these articles in the hope that they, along with the recent series on “The Revised Standard Version,” by Ernest Marshall Howse of the United Church, will help its readers to draw their own conclusions.

By Mark Buch

The transmission to man of the revelation of God, the Holy Bible is sacred. Upon these autographs are based the whole structure of Bible inspiration and ensuing doctrines of salvation.

The Old Testament written chiefly in Hebrew was canonized in its present form as early as the fourth century before Christ. Some parts were written 3500 years ago.

The New Testament was written in Greek and was completed in its present form by the end of the first century A.D.

Three Theories

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Vancouver Province, Saturday, June 6, 1953

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