Wednesday, February 4, 2009

I Drew My Circle Again...

When I first became a member of the church, my circle was very big . . . for it included all who, like myself, had believed. I was happy in the thought that my brethren were many. But, having a keen and observant mind, I soon learned that many of my brethren were erring.

I could not tolerate any people within my circle but those who, like myself, were right on all points of doctrine and practice. Too, some made mistakes and sinned. What could I do?

I had to do something! I drew my circle again . . . leaving the publicans and sinners outside, excluding the Pharisees in all their pride, with myself and the righteous and humble within.

I heard ugly rumours about some brethren. I saw then that some of them were worldly-minded; their thoughts were constantly on things of a worldly nature. So duty bound, to save my reputation, I drew my circle again . . . leaving those reputable spiritually-minded within.

I realized in time that only my family and myself remained in the circle. I had a good family, but to my surprise, my family finally disagreed with me.

I was always right. A man must be steadfast. I have never been a factious man! So in strong determination,

I drew my circle again . . . leaving me quite alone.

From an email I received today..

Thanks, Doc

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