Wednesday, April 4, 2007

A Bloody Trail

The earth is stained
With Baptist blood
For their faith in God
They firmly stood.

Wherever they went
New churches arose,
In sprite of persecution
From all their foes,

Many lost their lives,
Dying a martyr's death,
But they still stood firm
To the very last breath.

Against the Lord's church,
Hell cannot prevail;
Those are His very words,
Our Lord can never fail.

His church through the ages
Has stood the test of time;
Always pressing forward
To heavenly things sublime.

To carry the gospel message
Throughout all the earth,
Is our Lord's command:
To tell of the new birth.

True Baptists were made
Faster than they were killed;
They breathed the name of Jesus
As their blood was spilled.

A crown of life awaits
All whose life is lost
For the sake Jesus Christ:
He saved to the uttermost.

Mrs. R.L. Pierce

(Note: "Over 50,000,000 Christians died martyr deaths,
mainly because of their rejection of these two errors
[infant baptism and baptismal regeneration] during
the period of the Dark Ages alone, about twelve or thirteen
centuries." J.M. Carroll in the "Trail of Blood", page 21)

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