Wednesday, April 25, 2007

He Crushed The Serpent's Head

Deputy Sheriff Bob Alexander is fast with his gun. His dog, Flash, lives up to his name. But despite these two facts both man and dog were hospitalized when they tangled with a rattler.

They came upon the snake suddenly. The dog bit the snake. The snake then sank its fangs into the dog. Just as the snake was about to strike again, the deputy shot. The head of the rattler flew off with jaws gaping and fangs extended and bit the deputy on the hand. Both man and dog received medical attention.

Satan, the Serpent, is also deadly. But there is no danger that his head will fly off and bite the “born again child of God”. Satan was not shot. His head was crushed on Golgotha’s hill (Genesis 3:15). The highest pinnacle of satanic power and authority was brought down – crushed by Christ at Calvary! The Lord Jesus Christ has taken the bite out of the old Serpent for you. Ten thousand hallelujahs!!

This snake was killed just outside of Fritch, Texas. My children used to play 'hide and seek" there at night. Jeff


Pastor Bob said...

Well there's a new belt for ya!

Bro. Jeff Hallmark said...

Yes, a belt with a nice BIG TEXAS belt buckle. yahoo