Sunday, April 8, 2007

God is working in Canadian Churches

Here is an email I received this last week, - JNH


Could I take just a minute give you some good news. There is always room for improvement but here are just a FEW of the blessings I’m seeing.

Our attendances @ BBC are the same Sunday AM PM & Wednesday night, in fact we have a few more on Wednesdays because of our teen out reach. We loose our bus kids of course but other than that we are consistent. We have had 170 VISITORS since January without any special programs. We have averaged 35-40 people a week on Saturday morning calling. We recently had over 100 people attend our workers appreciation meeting at our church. 90% of those DO work in our church programs on a weekly basis.

Bro. Clayton has gone from 40 to approx. 160 and built a beautiful 1 million dollar building and actively supports missions.

Bro. Baker has seen substantial growth and is very consistent as well. While at the same time training 80 of our young people for the ministry.

Bro. Pennell is raising money for a much needed addition.

Bro. Sullivan is building a large addition.

Bro. Covey is trying to build a new building.

Bro. Carlson just gave a wonderful report in regard to his teen retreat.

Bro. Lonnie Spence just informed me that their faith promise is up 20% this year.

A church of less than 50 sent BPS over $6,000.00 for our building project.

Bro. Conner just finished some beautiful renovations in their auditorium.

I was in Bro. Dyck’s church in Winnipeg and saw “revival” among their teens and a tremendous crowd in the PM service.

I believe Camp Yes here in Ontario has seen increased numbers & some much needed support to do more renovations.

The church in Dryden had a fantastic revival meeting, while in the midst of looking for a Pastor, while in the good hands of Bro. Letkeman.

I am encouraged; I am charged up, “I am expecting great things FROM God, as I attempt great things FOR God.

There will be tough times! They make the good ones “gooder”.

Bro. Friesen, my experience is this, God DOES bless when you give to OTHERS first. That is how we have gotten every building and need we have had. When we gave, God gave to us! And still does.

Our “TEAM” is winning fella’s and every single “player” is a VALUABLE part of this team. To those of you who are isolated, you are NOT alone! We think and pray for you. Those who are seeing “better” day’s you encourage me to work harder, pray more and preach with God’s power. Those who are struggling you encourage me to ask God for more for you and ways that we can HELP.

There is no BIG and SMALL, that is relative. We are CHURCHES, God’s churches, He knows and loves everyone, and so to should we.

I tell my people all the time … we are WINNING! I give them positive report and encourage every one of them to pray for you men and your works. I encourage them to encourage you when they visit.

What GOOD is happening in your corner of the greatest nation in the world? What blessing can YOU share that will excite MY people?

What specific prayer request do you have for YOUR work that I can give to my people.

“It’s time we the people stand up for what is right, it’s time we squared our shoulders back and raised our swords to fight! … the GOOD fight!”

I appreciate you fella’s! I appreciate the sweet spirit I’m seeing in our churches. I appreciate the stick-to-it many have shown.

I wonder if we might see more YOUNG men, want to Pastor in THIS country if we started, or continue to give GLOWING reports for what God IS doing.

Jesus IS coming soon, till then WORK, Work for the night is coming.

I’m praying for you all.

Bro. Stone


Article submitted by Al Stone.

If you would like to share what God is doing where you are serving, please comment.


Anonymous said...


A couple of weeks ago I had asked for advice on immigration. Thank you for all that responded to my request. I would like to report that the Shane Davis Family arrived yesterday. They were given a three year work permit. They have already started the process of getting things ready to apply for their landed immigrant status. We are planning to compile the information received and make it available to other churches dealing with the immigration process. The most important aspect I believe is God giving you favour in the eyes of the immigration officials.

Bro. Davis will be going to Hinton, Alberta to start a church. There was a church there, but it died (closed down) a year ago. Bro. Davis will be working in our church in Sherwood Park for a year while he gets adjusted to Canada and gains ministry experience.

Additionally, tomorrow we are sending out a family from our church to be involved in starting a new church in Olds, Alberta. They will be working with Pastor Jim Warkentin in establishing Mountainview Baptist Church. Their first service will be April 15th, and they will have Grand Opening meetings May 10-13th. Please pray for this new work.

In the last couple of weeks we have been asked by different families about the possibility of having churches started in Ponoka, Alberta and in Barrhead, Alberta. We also have a family that wants to have a church started in Athabasca, Alberta. Please join with us in praying to the Lord of the Harvest for church planters for these communities.

Pastor David Harness
Victory Baptist Church

Anonymous said...

The Lord has been good to us. We have a beautiful little building in which we are using every room sometime during the week. We had 40 in attendance yesterday. My wife and I prepared a little musical presentation with some duets and a solo and the congregation helped us sing some hymn medleys and read some Scripture passages.

Last night we had a fellowship after church and some of the kids from Sunday School heard there was going to be FOOD so they talked their fathers into of them had been to church twice before and the other man was there for the first time. We have known him for four years and he finally decided to come. He shared with me some troubles he was having in his marriage and that he is trying to quit smoking. I was able to encourage him and promised to pray for him and he said he would come to church again.

We have been building some good relationships with people in our community. We are being invited to birthday parties, skating parties, and even sitting at Tim’s and visiting with other families – those are very positive steps forward in a town like ours. Recently, the owner of a restaurant in town dropped by the church on a Wednesday night just to visit with us. We always invite him to come by whenever we are there to eat – after four years he finally did. This may not seem like progress in a bigger area but for us it is very encouraging. In a small town where Baptists are not well known we are very suspect – as was mentioned to me by a man yesterday…it is important for us to show our town that we do not sacrifice babies or have any other weird rituals.

Thank you to all of you who support us and pray for us. We are excited about the work of the Lord and are very pleased to be serving Him here.

Serving the Rock of Ages on the rock of Newfoundland,

Boyd Stansford