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What is a Charismatic Baptist Mormon?

The Baptist Version
The Book of Mormon

Protestant Doctrines
within the Book of Mormon
Lynn Ridenhour,
Southern Baptist Minister

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Dear Dr. Ridenhour,

Anyone who knows Mormonism knows how the Book of Mormon does not represent Mormon doctrine at all. Mormon doctrine is primarily not in there. And Mormonism is cut-and-paste. When Joseph Smith began his teachings he believed there was only one God, as represented in the Book of Mormon. He progressed to three gods in the Godhead. And he kept going to preach a myriad of gods and that you can become a god yourself. The Book of Mormon teaches that God is God from all eternity. Joseph Smith mocked that idea to refute it shortly before he died.
Do you know anything at all about Joseph Smith and Ethan Smith? Where did Ethan Smith live? How far away was he from Joseph? What was the book written by Ethan Smith? When was it written? How does it parallel the Book of Mormon? It's important to examine the facts before you make a fool out of yourself.

Are you totally in the dark about B.H. Roberts? Massive humiliation to the Book of Mormon!
Have you even seen the video "The Bible versus the Book of Mormon"? I'll send you a copy if not, just let me know. Do you know anything about "DNA and the Book of Mormon"? Have you ever heard of the Joseph Smith Translation or the Lost Book of Abraham (also a powerful video to expose the Mormon prophet as false), since you commend him and talk about the canon of Scripture?

There is no excuse for your ignorance with the resources available today to read the truth. And where you teach falsehood (I don't know how to say it so it does not just sound like an insulting remark), but the Book of Mormon which seems to impress you also warns about the judgment and hell. And the Bible (God's Word) surely does! Are you a child of God while being led so easily into religious fantasy? What incredible ignorance!

And you don't have any idea where the Book of Mormon opposes the Bible? You have read the Book of Mormon - then have you read the Bible through as well? They do not agree! So you don't know what the real story line of Joseph Smith's book is about? Does it find support in history? No credible college, in fact no college at all that is not Mormon, teaches about those fictional civilizations and fantastic stories.

And by the way, the Jesus of the Bible is not the same person as the Heavenly Father. That is only the Book of Mormon's Jesus. So if you are teachable and not a puppet out to make a name while applauded by one of the Mormon sects, any of this is easily supported by the facts.

There are two kinds of Baptists past the labels: saved Baptists and lost Baptists. (And that is true of other groups). The latter kind of Baptist often converts over to Mormonism - or basically just about any religion. And a lot of the mere religious kind of Bapists live in your neighborhood. Lost Baptist preachers lead people to hell as they turn from the truth. Saved Baptist preachers are not so easily deceived. God knows which you are; I simply see the clues.

I am purposefully frank and direct with you. First, you of anyone ought to know better. And second, you are waxing the way for apostasy and hell. Take this seriously as here is a Bible test for you that was recommended by the Apostle Paul. It's a very safe test and it's right to take it for me or everybody else. Are you in the true faith? You cannot think organizationally here as to a convention of Baptists or any of the many sects of Mormonism. It has to do with what you need to know, what is the true faith? The answer is this: IS JESUS CHRIST IN YOU? If not, God says you are disapproved and reprobate. So if the Spirit of the Holy God is in you, then what? You will definitely be far too wise than to boast on the Book of Mormon.

The test:
"Examine yourselves, whether ye be in the faith; prove your own selves. Know ye not your own selves, how that Jesus Christ is in you, except ye be reprobates?" (2 Cor. 13:5)
By your own admission, you are a feelings-oriented Charismatic. Sometimes the experiences are not so different from a feelings-oriented Mormon. Benny Hinn has an experience and talks about Jesus too. (And I can send you a powerful video exposing Benny in his own lies too if you'd like). You see, sir, even the devil could call himself a Baptist, but that does not make him one. You're not a true Baptist either. The license someone gave you says you are, but your theology and deception demonstrates otherwise. Baptist is just a title, like "Christian". But a lot of folks claim to be Christians who Christ does not know as His own.

I forwarded your page to some pretty knowing people without first reading your foolishness. A few pages was enough. Anyone of my friends could help you to straighten you out on the Book of Mormon, so maybe you'll be hearing from some of them too. But if you trample these pearls, sir, there's no point. They need not bother and we'll be done communicating too. However, if you want to know the truth, let's talk.

Be wise to consider eternity and be careful!

Charlie Carle

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