Saturday, April 21, 2007

Quotes on PRAYER

"When the Lord built the church, he built a prayer meeting."

"Every need is a call to prayer"

"'Lord Teach Us to Pray' is a lifetime prayer"

"He didn't teach the disciples until they asked. He waits for us to
ask. He doesn't make us pray, he makes us want to pray."

"Great things are said in plain language, the Greatest things are
said in the plainest language."

"Fire moves from the pew to the pulpit"

"The preacher is the match"

"God calls us in ministry to do what only He can do and gives us what
we do not have so we can do it."

"Come clean and you'll be clean"

"All of God's works are done through believing prayer."

"Jesus didn't pray about things, he brought things about by prayer."

"If I can learn to pray I can get anything and everything the Lord
has for me!"

"The biggest thing in ministry is to get to the end of ourselves so
that God takes over"

"Elijah had at least 6 opportunities to quit, the seventh time the
Lord answered."

"Healing? With means or no means, but by all means Jesus"

"Prayer is not only the shortest distance to God's mighty throne, it
is the only way in."

"There are many churchgoers but few worshipers, because there are few

"Only those who wait on Him can wait for Him."

"In prayer we learn to hear Him speak first, and then we speak; He
works, and then we work. All proceeds from Him; words and works -
and, in worship."

"The promises of God are shaped, one by one, for our praying."

"If we are too busy to pray, we are not only too busy, but barren.
Whatever else we may be doing, we certainly are not doing the works
of God."

"Everything that the Lord Jesus did was easy, except prayer_.It was
the one great work out of which all His works came_"

"Prayer is the highest and holiest work, and yet it is the most
neglected ministry on earth."

"Working is drudgery. Even working for the Lord is dreary. But
working with him is delight."

"With God, prayer is not everything, but everything is by prayer."

"Unless we learn to pray, we never do battle for God_"

"The battle is won in prayer; in witnessing we simply take the

"_God will not do apart from prayer what He has promised to do in
answer to prayer, and it is my Christian responsibility to search the
Scriptures and find out just what that is."

"The promises, then, are the very size and shape our prayers should
take; and they are also the size our answers should have."

"Spurgeon once said, `The best evidence that we are in God's will is
the Devil's growl!"

"Everything was by prayer. The main reason for this is that their
entire life and ours is to be on a constant miracle basis"

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