Friday, April 27, 2007

Friday Funnies - Mordus Sabbaticus

or Sunday Sickness, is a disease peculiar to church
members. The attack comes on suddenly on Sundays. No symptoms are
felt on Saturday night; the patient sleeps well and awakes feeling
well; eats a hearty breakfast, but about church time the attack comes
on and continues until services are over for the morning. the the
patient feels easy and eats a hearty dinner. In the afternoon he
feels much better and is able to take a walk, automobile ride, go
visiting, talk politics and reads the papers; he heats a hearty
supper but about church time he has another attack and stays home. He
retires early, sleeps well, and awakes on Monday morning refreshed and
able to go to work, He does not feel any of the returned symptoms
until the next Sunday.

The peculiar features are as follows--
1. It attacks members of a church.

2. It never makes its appearance except on Sunday.

3. The symptoms vary, but never interfere with appetite and sleep.

4. It never lasts more than 24 hours.

5. It generally attacks the head of the family and continues to
spread until every member is affected.

6. No physician is ever called.

7. It always proves fatal in the end to the soul.

8. No remedy is known for it except repentance and prayer.

9. Real heart-felt salvation is the only antidote.

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