Wednesday, April 18, 2007

The Pablum Brand

If someone should ever ask you why some Christians are so slow,

And like under nourished children they just never seem to grow,

Chances are they're on a diet and too weak to really stand,

For the pulpit where they worship only serves the Pablum brand.

How can any new-born Christian ever grow to be a man

If he's always on the bottle or the baby Pablum can?

That's alright while we are playin' pat-a-cake and peek-a-boo,

But to grow in grace and knowledge we need Bible meat to chew.

Something that will feed the spirit, food to nourish soul and mind,

This is what us saints are needing, yet so hard at times to find,

And the way some preachers serve us when there's plenty and to spare,

Why, you'd think our God in Heaven had a cupboard that was bare.

Why not spread the Gospel table with some meat to help us grow

Strong to serve our God and Saviour as we journey here below,

Let us have a full-course message that will give us strength to stand?

And to those who need milk-feeding, give to them the Pablum Brand.

- Walt Huntley

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