Tuesday, May 1, 2007

It Is Time To Repent!!!

Have you ever held a newborn baby? My heart melts as I smell their breath, feel the little squirms, and listen to the sounds! But America, rewind our history to the recent past and a president (and about half the country that endorsed him) said it is okay to tear them apart if it is ten seconds before birth! Friends, this is the kind of sin that makes Heaven and earth flee away from the wrath of God! We are no better that our baby-butcher cousins, Pharoah in the OT and Herod in the New! When politicians cannot be trusted in word or conduct here; how can we think to trust them abroad? Hillery’s key role as First Lady was to promote abortions, stopping growth in third world countries! It was not enough just here. Abortion at any stage is murder, only forgivable through another mutilated body and blood of another Child, the Son of God!


Picture a conduit draining American sin to the lowest point in the country, Death Valley:

From San Francisco (and others) flows the lousy perversion of sodomy.

From Las Vegas (and others) flows the filthy corruption of gambling.

From Washington DC flows a self-seeking, bipartisan hatred for anything godly.

From New Orleans flows euphoria with the depravity of the Mardi Gras.

From “Al Gore’s internet” flows the wickedness of every known kind of perversion to man.

Have you become irritated or inoculated to the wickedness in this place? More examples: Veto the Ten Commandments, an epidemic of child abuse, demonic music, psychic delusion, religious fraud, video violence, scandalous lawyers, twisted judges, the grip of the politically correct, “technicalities” in prosecution, irresponsible education, lobbying scams, Civil Liberties Union, racial profile spin, a fascination for the dark side . . . –- VERDICT: GUILTY! Vexes my soul!!!

Death Valley is a truly beautiful place but for illustration, American sin is flowing to the bottom side of hell! And then what? Hollywood pumps it back into the cable networks and beams it up to satellites in the skies and features it in movie theaters, corrupting people across the face of the earth! This Death Valley Programming from the cesspool, sewers, and septic of American sin is a stench before Almighty God!


Why does God bless America, as He definitely has! People claim, “God will have to apologize to Sodom and Gomorrah unless . . .” What a foolish remark! You better know God has to apologize to no-one, He will judge as He sees fit, and you’d better not misrepresent Him or hold Him hostage! God destroyed Sodom; yet there are major differences. I discover the sweetest, God-honoring Christian people from coast to coast who love God and actively turn from sin. Friend, that is in America! Sodom did not have that. And sometimes we fail, but our policy has been pro-Israel to this point. God has been blessing America. It's all of His grace! “And I will bless them that bless thee, and curse him that curseth thee: and in thee shall all families of the earth be blessed.” (Gen. 12:3)

I trust you hate the devil and that our sin vexes your soul, but never fail to love our American people! Someone has said that any old dead fish can float downstream with the current, but it takes a good live one to swim upstream. Swim for righteousness! Pray for this country! And the best way to love them is to show them a way out of our sin and its consequences; tell them of Jesus Christ!

Article submitted by Charlie Carle.

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