Saturday, November 1, 2008


The most senseless burdens are those of our own making. We live for the moment, and completely disregard the future consequences.

We eat too much, exercise too little, put all sorts of chemicals into our bodies. We let things slip, we fail to follow up. We take shortcuts. It all adds up and brings us down.

Yet, what you get yourself into, you have the power to get out of. There is always hope.
The same passion and energy that got you into the mess can get you out. It all depends on your focus. Is it on the next cigarette, the next drink, the next lover or the next century?

Life can be so much more. Taking the easy way out, is no way to live. The effort, the commitment, the discipline -- they are their own rewards. You cannot consume a great life, you must create it. There is no easy way out, because the effort IS the fulfillment.

Right this moment, you can rise above your self-imposed burdens, just by deciding to do
so, and by making the commitment to make a difference, in your own life and the lives of others. Put out the effort, every minute of every day count. Life is worth it.

Prayer: Dear LORD Jesus, you gave up so much for me. Now, guide me as I deny my wishes and above my self-imposed BURDENS for yours. - Amen.


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