Saturday, November 8, 2008

New Church in Town

Are you looking for a good church?

n Are you tired of those uptight, stuffy, "fundamental" churches your Grandparents went to?

n Are you frustrated with churches that cater to only one denomination?

n Are you fed up with those old, boring, "traditional" hymns?

n Are you tired of having to put on a suit and tie, or dress/skirt for church?

n Are you frustrated with that ancient, obsolete, King James Bible, and those "archaic" words?

n Are you tired of all those loud and screaming preachers?

n Are you tired of all that banging and slamming on the pulpit?

Then you've come to the right place!

Welcome to ...

Wind Community Church TM

The "As Long As You're Here" Church!TM


Pastor Charles "Chuck" Reed

Wind Community Church TM , created and started by Pastor Charles Reed ("Pastor Chuck"), is a new and exciting church dedicated to making you feel comfortable, and to change your mind about the whole "church experience."

We are ...

Modern and "cool" -- definitely not stuffy!! This church is nothing like the church your Grandparents went to. We are on the "cutting edge" of what's current and trendy. You won't feel isolated and apart from your fellow man/woman, and the secular community. We do everything to make you feel happy, relaxed, comfortable, non-threatened, and non-judged. We definitely take a "laid back" approach to Christianity, and the whole "Bible thing."

Interdenominational: all denominations, faiths, religions, affiliations, societies (secret or otherwise), cults, and "isms" are welcomed. We are striving for total unity among all who call themselves "Christian," as well as those who do not. We are working hard at "tearing down walls" of division and strife between the different denominations and faiths.

"Hip" and "with the times" when it comes to our music and music programs. We offer something for everyone in your family:

-- Maranatha "Praise & Sway" Service

-- Heavy Metal Worship Teen Time

-- Contemplative Chant Circles & Candle Gazing

-- Rustafarian Reggae and Rap "Rap-Ture" Sessions

-- Pop Country Western Worship Roundup

-- Soft Rock Glory Hour

-- Smooth Jazz Prayer

-- "Karaoke Kumbaya" Friendship Fellowship

-- Hillbilly Hoe-down Hallelujah Hour

-- "Barney & Friends" Toddler Praise Time

-- Lawrence Welk "Senior Moment" Worship Service

-- New Age "Mantra Meditation"

And many, many more ...

A "come as you are" church. We do not enforce any kind of "dress code." We are happy, and God is happy, "As long as you're here!" Except, there is one thing: no suits and ties!! Just fun, casual attire. Come in your pajamas, if you like! Whatever makes you feel comfortable -- that's our main goal. Ladies, don't worry about necklines, hemlines, tight, sexy, sheer, or pants -- whatever you're wearing it's fine with us!! As we say, "As long as you're here!"

A church that says, "Leave that old "King James Bible" where it belongs -- in a museum! We believe all bibles are just fine -- as long as you are reading one! Our gift shop has an array of wonderful bibles: NIV; NASB; NKJV; ESV; RSV; RNASV; Living; Rap; Nave's Topical; Darby Translation; Catholic; The Message; Amplified; New Living Translation; New International Reader's Version; New Life Version; Young's Literal Translation ... and many more selections. We'll even help you create your own bible! We have printing presses on the premises, and we pride ourselves in fostering "creativity" in our church attendees.

Not going to scream and yell: NO POUNDING PULPITS!! "Pastor Chuck" believes in a low-key, subdued, and "mellow" atmosphere, conducive for "de-stressing" from life's problems. He wants you to be relaxed, and leave refreshed, after attending our church -- not agitated, or offended, as some churches do (like those hard-edged, hard preaching, Independent Fundamental Baptist churches). We even have a "state of the art" health spa and workout room on the premises, for your total "spiritual-mind-body" experience.

Doesn't all this sound exciting and fun?!

We know you will enjoy our wonderful church;
we extend our warmest welcome!

We look forward to seeing you!

Wind Community Church TM

Contact us at:

www. windcommunitychurch .com

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Phyllis Blickensderfer said...

I think I recently visited a similar church with some in-laws. We went to the 8:30 a.m. service (Traditional Worship, the sign said), stayed for Sunday School (which was pretty traditional, too) and opted out of the 11:00 Contemporary Service. Fortunately, we left town before their Small Groups met. Returned to our IFB/KJV and felt quite at home!