Sunday, November 16, 2008


After much begging and many promises to take care of it, the Brown children were allowed to get a guinea pig pet which they named Paddy. As usual, Mother ended up taking total care of the neglected creature. So one day she call the children to her and told them that Paddy would have to go.

“Well, I’m kind of used to him,” one remarked.

“Yes, but I’m tired of doing all the work he requires,” Mom said. “So I say he goes.”

Another child wondered, “Well, maybe if he didn’t eat so much and wasn’t so messy all the time, could we keep him?”

But mother was firm, “No way! Now go and get Paddy’s cage and we’ll take him to his new home.”

In one voice the children shouted, “Paddy??? We thought you said Daddy!!”

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