Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Dr. Earl Jessup on Hinton Baptist Church Plant

Here are a few more photos and a report from Dr. Earl Jessup.

Dr. Earl Jessup

I wanted to drop you a note to update you on the meetings here in Hinton. On Sunday evening there were around 50 in the service with 7 families from the Hinton area. Three of these families were new with four coming to one of the services previously held. Last evening there were 75 in the service with all the families returning but one. He told us he could not return until Wednesday evening but that he would be back then. There were also two new visitors to the services last evening as well.
I want to commend the preachers that came last evening to the service. We had 10 preachers in the service last night and they traveled a great distance. It says a lot about our movement when preachers are willing to drive as these men did to get here.

Pastor Tim Bicha – Harvest Baptist Church, Grand Prairie, AB – 5 hours
Pastor Andy Baduria – Berean Baptist Church, Quensel, BC – 6.5 hours
Pastor Jeff Hallmark – Spruceland Baptist Church, Prince George, BC – 5.5 hours
Dr. Bill Hiltz BMFP – Came with Brother Hallmark – 5.5 hours
Evangelist Dave Webster – Prince Albert SK – 11 hours
Pastor Pat Hollingsworth – Wabamum AB – 2 hours
Pastor Brian Rice – Cornerstone Baptist Church – Edmonton, AB – 3 hours
Pastor Paul Szabatin – Cornerstone Baptist Church – Edmonton, AB - 3 hours
Pastor Greg Vaal – New Testament Baptist Church – Edmonton – 3 hours
Pastor Shem Daharenpar – Mt View Baptist Church – Olds AB - 5 hours
Pastor Dave Harness – Victory Baptist Church – Sherwood Park, AB 3.5 hours

I appreciate what Brother Baduria said at the close of the service last evening. He made it clear to those attending that we are not some group or hierarchy where we have to do this but that they came because they wanted to see this new church do well. It was an impressive service and I wanted the pastors around this country that we have men who are willing to sacrifice a great deal to see churches planted. This is what it is going to take to reach this country.

Please pray for the meetings here in Hinton and Pastor Shane Davis as he pastors this new work.


Pastor Baduria and Dr. Hiltz

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