Monday, September 22, 2008

Results of our 2008 Faith Promise Missions Conference

Greetings from the TRUE NORTH STRONG AND FREE...

We praise the Lord for His goodness and His grace, our Missions Conference for 2008 was just GREAT.

Pastor Tom Stastny did a great job in challenging our folks in Grace Giving. His messages were based upon a simple outline.

The Called "Salvation" - Heavenly, Holy, by the Gospel and to be saints.

The Called "In" - those whom God has placed in the local assembly.

The Called "Up" - those whom God places in leadership. Pastor, Deacons, teachers etc..

The Called "Out" - those whom God sent to the "Harvest Field" of the world.

For Spruceland Baptist Church, we have increased our Missions Giving. From October 2007 to the second week of September 2008 our Missions outreach giving was $ 18,000.+

Lord, willing with our new commitments our Missions giving has a target of $ 24,000.00. This includes our Faith Promise, 10% of our General and our "Reaching our Judea" with John and Romans.

Our Missionaries and Ministries

The Stansford Family
Marytown, NL

The Smith Family

The Cloud Family

The Hollingsworth Family
Cold Lake, AB

The Davis Family
Timmons, ON

The Sullivant Family

The Johnson Family
South Africa

The Lendvoy Family
Williams Lake, BC

The Wiebe Family
Maple ON

Heartland Baptist Bible College ~ OKC

Reaching Our Judea - Northern BC

We are adding two new families -

The Blanchard Family

The Elam Family

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