Saturday, September 27, 2008


Regena and I headed out this morning on our S O S (Sowing On Saturdays), after going door to door on a couple of streets. We finished one area and next week we will start another area of the city.

After SOS, we took in about an hour at the Mennonite Fall Fair, a super large ‘garage sale”. Visiting with a few folks there, and then moving on with our day. We then went to the “Home Show” at CN Centre for about an hour or so.

There he walked up to me and neither one of us remember each others name. I said “Conrad”, no it was Gary. We had seen Gary since we moved from CNC, which has been at least six years. Gary had finished his courses at the college and just has been working away. Not attending church any where so I was able to encouraged Gary to come and visit with us again.

Once we got home there was a message on the phone. Shawn had called. This morning we had left a gospel tract in his mailbox. Shawn read enough of the tract to get offended. So he gave us a call to complain about “that ignorant material” being left in his box.

Well, I say. Praise the Lord, at least Shawn gave us a call. Knowing the thousands of gospel tracts we have spread over the City of Prince George, we have only a few complains. The gospel will make some folks glad and some folks mad. With apathy about spiritual things in these times, it is great to see some emotion.

Pray for Shawn.

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