Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Freedom Follows The Flag

Reading the "Book of the Law" is a privilege which not all have. When the Americans first occupied Manila, the prison doors were opened for "political offenses." One of these crimes, according to the Spanish government, which then ruled the Philippines, was reading the Bible.

One day a man came to Dr. Homer Stuntz (Methodist missionary) and asked to see him in strict privacy. He then asked in a whisper if it were true that he could now read his Bible without danger of imprisonment.

Dr. Stuntz took him to the door and asked him to look at the American flag floating near by. The he said, "so long as you see that flag floating over your country, you can sit on the ridgepole of your house, if you want to, and read the Bible, and no one can molest you."

Why not right now, thank God for the freedom we have in the "cross of Calvary" and the freedom we have to read the Word of God.

Now, remember that there are those who know no freedom. May God help us to reach the lost and dying souls of this world.

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