Thursday, September 11, 2008

Update on Church Plant Hinton Baptist Church

Update from Dr. Earl Jessup,

The final service in Hinton was one of the most impressive final services I have been in. There were around 50 in the service with most of the visitors from the previous nights from the Hinton area attending. We did not have any first time visitors from the area tonight. Pastor Shane Davis spoke on John 1:22, “Then said they unto him, (John the Baptist) Who art thou? that we may give an answer to them that sent us. What sayest thou of thyself?” It was an excellent message in sharing his vision for Hinton Baptist Church. Following the invitation, Pastor Harness came to the pulpit and read the motions passed by Victory Baptist Church on July 13th and then proceeded to share with those in attendance that one more matter of business needed to be taken care of. He then asked the members of Victory to transfer the memberships of Pastor and Mrs. Davis to Hinton Baptist Church and also there were two other families that chose to join the church as well. The folks from Victory voted them into the membership of Hinton Baptist. Pastor Harness then read the “Declaration of Independence” formally making Hinton Baptist Church an independent Baptist church. He then had a prayer of dedication and we all sang the Doxology.

I want to thank the members of Victory Baptist who sacrificed so much for this church plant. Nearly 20 of them took off work and stayed in Hinton for these meetings. They prepared meals and also did whatever was necessary to make this church plant a success. Nearly half of the homes in Hinton were knocked on during the afternoons and there were visitors from the community because of those efforts. I also want to thank the pastors and members of 13 or 14 churches that traveled more than 2 hours to attend these meetings and help knock on doors. Some of these pastors and members also stayed for several days in Hinton. I honestly believe God has blessed this meeting because of the cooperation of these churches in this church planting effort.

May we all pray for the Grand Opening Sunday for Hinton Baptist Church and that the Lord will continue to bring out visitors and that this church will be a great lighthouse in this community.

Now, Pastor Davis the work continues as a lighthouse in the community of Hinton, AB. Jeff

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Bro. Jeff Hallmark said...

From a Monday Morning Email of Bro. Jessup. Information for Sunday Sept. 14 services at Hinton Baptist Church. jeff



I talked to Brother Davis last evening and they had a great Grand Opening Sunday. They had 24 in the morning service with two first time visitors and several coming that were in the GAM. On Sunday evening there were 18 in the service with another first time visitor. Also, Pastor Davis and his family have found housing in Hinton and will be moving very soon. We are so thankful for this new work and please pray for God’s continued blessing on Pastor Davis and Hinton Baptist Church.