Friday, September 19, 2008

Night Two 2008 Missions Conference

Here is one of our hymns for this evening service.

Pastor Stastny is doing a great job in presenting local church giving and involvement.

(tune Come unto me)

Hear the blessed Saviour calling unto you,
“Oh, ye saved and happy - there is work to do
Go! No longer tarry, I have sent you there
With the Gospel message, go out everywhere.”

Go out today, I have sent you there.
Take the Gospel message, Go out everywhere.
Surely I am with Thee, Go and trust My might
To those souls in darkness, take the Gospel light.

Is your life a failure, giving you no joy?
Give it to the Master, work in His employ.
He will use you daily, witnessing for Him.
Then you will be happy, more than you’ve e’er been.

Have you sought for pleasures from this world of sin?
But you found those pleasures brought no peace within.
Christ will satisfy you, see His work to do;
He has satisfied me, He will please you, too.

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