Sunday, September 28, 2008

"What is a Christian?"


A small boy sat in church with his mother and listened to a sermon entitled “What is a Christian?”

Every time the pastor asked the question he banged his fist on the pulpit. “Mama, do you know?” the boy whispered to his mother. “Yes, dear,” she replied, “and now be quiet.”

Finally, when the pastor again demanded, “What is a Christian?” and banged especially hard, the boy shouted, “Tell him mama, tell him!”

Today, at Spruceland Baptist Church we will be making it very clear what is a "christian".

BTW, it is not 'what' you know that makes you a christian, but 'who' you know that makes you a christian!!

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Pastor Coon said...

Amen!! I love those cute stories with a great and profound truth. I especially gvie a double "Amen" for the last sentence with one minor is indeed "who you know" but sadly we know that today's society is quick to share that they 'know' God. The knowledge and relationship they need to have is not God but Jesus!! It is with the name of Jesus that lives are changed and someday it will be the name of Jesus that all mankind will confess that Jesus is Lord!!

PS. thanks for your encouraging comments on my blog.