Monday, October 27, 2008


This campus shooting adds greater dynamic to the elections. Now, what a time to legislate to get rid of our guns! Which candidates plan to outlaw guns and what can happen if they are successful?

Picture a family without any home defense. And who crosses our southern border? Not just our Spanish neighbors! Recall the warnings of the terrorists coming with huge stock loads of AK 47s. So if they have weapons suitable for a bloodbath and we have no protection, then what? That's when they become as the campus shooters and we become the students. They become the Germans while we become the Jews. And these people are fueled with the same level of hatred, mirroring the same racial bias, having a similar economic envy, and carrying even a greater religious bigotry that has been kicking into high gear.

So to keep our guns somebody is going to die in our neighborhoods. To lose our guns, somebody is going to die in our neighborhoods. But to lose our guns can get bigger than a shooting in the neighborhood as it can be a factor to lead to the death of a nation. However, folks may suggest, "You don't know that that is going to happen!" No, you're right. And you don't know that it won't.

Don't you wonder at the breathtaking ignorance of Muslim security in the USA airports? "Oh, but somebody screened them." So do they read their minds? We are so naïve and the problem is growing because many have never learned anything from 911. Fast-forward time to this nation fearing racial profiling even over than the potential of our own extinction and we could be finding Muslims as the bulk of our police force in America. How safe is that?

Bible prophecy points through the centuries to the last days. Before there ever was a great nation in the North, God spoke through His prophets to reveal the Russian Bear moving against Israel. Draw a line north of Jerusalem and we discover exactly, the Russian Bear. Consider what could be the last remaining factor to feed that final rushing arrogance and mounting confidence of the Russian Bear to sweep against the nation of Israel. What if they just had one great enemy standing between them and Israel and that world power was already gone. Have you heard their cry: Picture a world without an America! Enemies are rattling their sabers:

Beware as you vote and be diligent as you pray. We can never seem to figure out how good we have it in America. All we want is "change." I guess I could understand the spreading interest in socialism or spreading the wealth, I mean I could if I could only see:

Osama Bin Laden joining the Catholic church.

Women choosing homes with poisonous spiders.

Delta Airlines exchanging their fleet for private planes.

Holland turning from tulips to weeds.

The Triple Crown running mules over Thoroughbreds.

Heavyweight wrestlers learning never to brag.

The Amish furnishing our astronauts.

The Red Hat Society running drugs.

Coyotes chasing the wolves.

Evolutionists really discovering a missing link.

The Hell's Angels riding bicycles.

Beverly Hills deciding to be the hillbillies.

or NBA guys hoping to retire on skid row.

Nonsense! None of it will ever happen as people know better. Then what is this rejection of everything that made America the greatest nation on earth? Does that make any more sense? If we don't wake up, we'll have our face in the dirt.

Tired of futility? Has it worked for you to THINK PEACE? Then this is the message for you. Just before the unspeakable pain of His death of the cross, Jesus Christ still had peace in His heart. And He offers that peace to you and me. Again and again He told His followers, "Peace I leave with you, my peace I give unto you: not as the world giveth, give I unto you. Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid" (John 14:27). So friend, take all your fears and give them to Jesus. Receive His peace! For toubled hearts to only trust in Him is to move into His care forever. And then one day, He will take you Home!

Article from Charlie Carle

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Pastor Coon said...

This is a good article with a sad outlook on pending American politics. But what a great truth that Jesus is the only true peace available. Social programs, education, wealth, and many other attempts by man are just failures and empty grasps that will never satisfy the "searching" that God put within us to seek something seek Him.