Friday, October 17, 2008

Friday Funnies - The American Hunter

The story tells of a guy, out hunting in Alaska, who accidentally shot a polar
bear. Realizing his mistake, he reported the incident to the local ranger.
A week later, he received a letter in the mail telling him that he is being
taken to court by the park service. Arriving at court, he explained to the
judge what happened, and the judge quickly reached a decision.

“As you didn’t kill this protected species intentionally, I don’t intend to
send you to prison”, the judge said. “However, it is still a serious error
on your part, and I intend to deal with you by way of a fine, based upon the
body weight of the animal”.

“For every one pound of body weight, you will be fined $10.00?. Consulting
his records, the judge found the weight of the bear, as recorded by the park services, and called for a calculator. After a minute or two, he called the hunter to the bench, and gave his judgment - a fine of $9,000.

The representative of the park services jumped to his feet, and approached
the judge. “Your Honour”, he said, “With the greatest respect, I believe
you’ve made a mistake in your calculations. We weighed the animal shortly
after it was shot, and it weighed a total of 1000 pounds. Surely, based on
that measurement, the fine should be $10,000?.

The judge looked at the ranger, and said, “I made a calculation, taking into
consideration, the animals’ weight, minus its two front paws”.
Looking rather confused, the ranger asked, “But why did you not include the
front paws in your calculation?”

“Because”, the judge replied, “the Second Amendment guarantees that every
American has the right to bear arms!”

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