Saturday, October 4, 2008

Some Calvinist Believes ...

... that personal acceptance of Jesus is not necessary to go to Heaven. They feel that if God chose a person to go to Heaven, he will go to Heaven (regardless of his personal acceptance of Jesus).

Following are some quotes concerning this:

"The gospel is not a means of regeneration. The Gospel is for the man who already has life." (Garrett, Irresistible Grace, p. 1)

"For us to say that one must hear the gospel in order to be saved for heaven, it would severely limit the Holy One of Israel." (Ellis, The Christian Baptist, April 1993, p. 3)

"I do not want anyone to think I am selling the gospel short. It has its place in God''s scheme of things." (Keith Ellis, "Does God Perform His Will?" The Christian Baptist, April 1993, p. 11)

"The gospel makes disciples, but it does not make children of God." (Best, Regeneration, p. 109)

"God has an elect people and Christ died for them and they all will be born again and will live in Heaven; all due to His sovereign grace. Many of them will have never heard the gospel." (Garrett, Two Salvations, p. 3)

"Salvation is NOT dependent upon the gospel of faith. Indeed, it could not be so, for millions of children of God have never heard the gospel preached. Only a very small percentage of humans heard the gospel before they died. Consequently, they did not and could not have had gospel faith." (Tolley, The Christian Baptist, April 1996, p. 4)

"The Confession, in this section, intends to teach that there are some unevangelized men who are ''regenerated and saved by Christ through the Spirit'' without ''the ministry of the written word'' …… the regenerated heathen has not yet had Christ presented to him." (Shedds, Calvinism, p. 60)

"It is not improbable, but some individuals in these unenlightened countries might belong to the secret election of grace, and the habit of faith might be wrought in these." (Zanchius, The Doctrine of Absolute Predestination, p. 104)

"We do no deny that God can save some even of the adult heathen people if He chooses to do so …… we must admit the possibility that by an extraordinary method some few of His elect may be gathered from the unevangelized portion." (Boetnner, Predestination, pp. 119 –– 120)

"Primitive Baptist believes that the scriptures teach that sinners are regenerated, or born again, independently of, or without the gospel as a means." (Garrett, The Purpose of the Gospel, p. 1)

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