Thursday, October 2, 2008


Men are not expected to be on speaking terms with their greatest enemy. But it is a sin of unspeakable guilt for them not to be on speaking terms with their best friend. God, therefore, is an enemy or a friend and that is indicated by the time we spend speaking with Him.

It was an unknown disciple ‘who asked the Lord, “Teach us to pray.” And yet how grateful we are to someone whose name we don’t even know.

It was not the Master’s method to give, unless asked; and this is ever God’s way with us. God does not throw His treasures at men. “God feeds the birds but He does not throw the food into their nest.”


Pastor Coon said...

So true, my brother! Sadly, though many Christians courageously count 'thank-you-for-the-food' and those 'get-me-outta-this-mess' prayers as speaking with God.

Oh, to be so attuned and in love with God that it 'hurts' when we fail to commune with Him! I often fail in fulfilling this as a habit but I thank God for His unconditional love, His enduring longsuffering, and His faithfulness to never reject us, His children!

Bro. Jeff Hallmark said...

My mom's cousin used to say "I am so busy I don't have time to 'dial-a-prayer'". A lot for folks find themselves in that position, which is a shame. They are missing out on some of God's riches blessings.